Food Safety Act, 2019, 2019

Short title: 
Food Safety Act, 2019
Long title: 
An Act to provide for the protection of the public against health hazards and fraud in the manufacture, sale and use of food; provide for a streamlined process for regulatory clearances for regulatory health requirements for food premises; establish the Food Safety Coordinating Committee and provide for its functions and powers; provide for health inspection reports and report notices; establish the National Food Laboratory; repeal the Food and Drugs Act, 1972 and sections 79 and 83 of the Public Health Act, 1930; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.
Year of Act: 
Number of Act: 
Date of assent: 
12 August 2019
Date of promulgation: 
12 August 2019
Date of commencement: 
27 November 2019
In force: 
Yet to Commence by SI
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